welcome to my new blog! I have been trying to come up with something fun to keep me inspired and I knew blogging would definitely be that “something”. However starting a blog…what do I talk about?! How do I find something to write about each and every day?!

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”

    -Robin Williams

Well, in conjunction with my Ebay auctions I thought it might be fun to do this “daily word of inspiration” blog. I will not be posting every day but more like Mondays through Fridays. I mean that is when we all need the most inspiration right? Especially on Mondays….

So starting this Monday, I am going to start our “daily inspirations” blog! Join me! Follow along and be inspired. And I welcome your daily inspiration associated with our word of the day. Send me comments or links! Lets be inspired together.



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