30 day challenge, day 6


Morning folks! Okay this was not the piece I intended to show you for day 6. The reason for that is day 6 I actually didn’t get to paint anything! 😞 

Part of the reason behind this challenge is that I need to carve out time for my art every day. As my schedule becomes more and more crowded, I am finding it harder to set aside time during the day to paint. My husband gets up for work around 4 on Mondays and one Monday I got up with him. That day I realized the perfect time to paint was in the morning before the girls wake up!

 Generally 6 am is good for that gives me an hour or more to paint. Yes, that isn’t a lot of time. However I found I can get more accomplished in an hour before they wake than in 2-3 hours after they go to sleep. The big kicker is NOT waking them! This means no alarm clock 😳! 

But like any habit, do something often enough and you can train your body to do it without prompting. Hopefully by day 30 I am fully trained to jump out of bed around 6 am and paint first thing! This way as my fall schedule fills up with work and teaching I can still progress on my art career and building that body of work 😊 

With that said, I bid you all a good morning! My coffee is calling me! 


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