30 day challenge day 9! 

Day 9 is here! Now this one I didn’t let the paint run. Instead we did something splashy with the brushes! This piece does look a bit like its a water horse doesn’t it? Sort of an Ariel impression. 

This one I do have to say might not be completely done. It’s a struggle to leave it alone. Hmmm maybe a spot here or there still needs attention….

This is one thing I am not truly used to doing. My paintings often start at one point (usually the hardest spot) and I work my way out. When I have covered the canvas I am often done. The might be a little adjustment here or there, but I know when I am done. With these pieces sometimes less is more. The more I fiddle with it sometimes I mess them up! So I struggle leaving it and knowing where to let it be at! So you might see this one again….

Happy Monday folks!! Hopefully you all have a great week ahead of you! 


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