“Adirondack Summer”

Day 3 is here! Only 97 more to go!! Oh my does that seem like a huge number!! We’ll just take it one day at a time….

Today we are going camping! Okay, not literally since that is more of a weekend thing around here, but with art the weekend is any day. When I moved to New York, and I mean upstate, not the city, I discovered the joys of camping.

My husband’s family is big into the camping trips throughout the summer. We go swimming at this beach, kayaking, fishing, making s’mores, etc. all summer long. My family went on vacations, but we never really went camping. So this was a whole new experience for me!

Now it’s one of my favorite things to do in the summer. There is something about being out in the outdoors (and sleeping there!) that allows me to just live in the moment. You don’t have clocks outdoors. There is no deadline or rush to do this or that. I can take my girls down to the beach and just sit for hours if we choose. Talk about relaxing!

It was that feeling of utter relaxation I wanted to capture here. No hustle and bustle. No where to go or anything to do but just be in the moment, enjoying God’s creation. I’m not sure we can get much more relaxed than that!

Tomorrow we are going to paint some more flowers. Flowers, like diamonds, are a girl’s best friend! I hope you join me! Till then, check out ebay (https://ebay.com/usr/nicolesmithart) where you can bid on each one of these paintings. Normally paintings this size (8×10) go for $90, but since this is a special challenge I have them listed at $19.99!



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