“Sunflower Blues”

Painting 15! I had originally saved this reference to paint for my cousin when she was recovering from her accident. However, I never used it! So today, while my daughter and I hand out cards we received at church, I thought it was fitting.

Our church is starting their “world changers” series. Every Sunday we’ll receive these little world changer cards to leave for people. They have a little saying on the that tells the person they are loved and special.

My idea was to attach them to flowers and hand out to people! Who doesn’t love getting flowers?!

Interestingly, the pastor, as he starts this series, was talking to us about why people don’t do more of these little acts of kindness. He was telling us about how these little cards, in previous years, have changed people and made an impact. One person, upon receiving this card on their car windshield, decided not to commit suicide because they realized someone loves them still.

Therefore, acts of kindness make a difference. But why don’t we do them more? The pastor said it was because us humans are generally selfish and rarely think beyond our own needs.

The more I think on it, though I agree in part to what he said, I have to wonder if it’s not more than that? Maybe we don’t do more because we don’t think what we do matters. Maybe it’s not that we are selfish but feel insignificant. This world is so big, how can my one little act of kindness change it? How can little old me make a difference? I’m only one person.

Yet, we do make a difference. We might not make a difference for everyone, but for the one we do, that is worth it! Maybe our purpose is not to do great big things, but to do great little things.

What do you think?

Quote for the day comes from Theodore Roosevelt:

“Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are”

Fitting right?!

Well, until tomorrow! Do what you can to make a tiny difference today!

Oh and as always, the painting posted can be found on eBay! Check them out Here!


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