“Animal Clouds”

Number 16 is complete! I’ve been meaning to use this one for a while now because there is a story with it!

So, the story goes, my daughters and I were headed to gymnastics. Now, their classes are after school in the middle of the week. Generally they are pretty whipped by the time class is over. Sometimes they are pretty tired before class!

This was one of those times. Now, anyone that has kids, knows that “tired” doesn’t necessarily mean “sleepy”. Instead it often means they are fussy and irritable. Again…this was one of those times!

Both girls are sitting in the backseat, picking, fussing, fighting, etc. One’s crying because her sister looked at her funny. The other one is complaining that the sun is in her eyes. You know, the whole nine yards.

So, to stop the fussing, I started “seeing” animals in the clouds outside! It was a complete turnaround in their attitudes when they started looking outside rather than inside.

Life is like that isn’t it? We can be Truly miserable when we focus on our situation and how it isn’t ideal. Yet when we look outside and realize how very lucky we actually are, our perspective changes.

As a mom, this is super important. So often, as I fall into bed exhausted (if I even make it to bed), I can lament about how hard it is. I can get fussy and grumble. But, when I step outside my situation and really look, I can’t help but feel blessed. There are silver linings all over the place!

So with that I’ll leave you with a quote from Brian Tracy:

“Develop an “Attitude of Gratitude”. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you”

Also before I forget, remember for the paintings listed, they are also up on eBay at a special price! Check them out Here!

Until tomorrow! Discover that silver lining and be joyful!


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