“Blue Mountains”

Painting number 17!

I seriously thought I would stay on track a bit better. However, a step forward is still progress!

I’m actually enjoying these clouds. Painting horses did allow me much time to play with clouds. This photo, a reference from my mother in law from one of her trips, had very colorful clouds!

Interestingly, my daughters were arguing about clouds the other day. Now, is that because mommy was taking pictures of clouds all week? Eh maybe….

Anyways, my oldest was trying to “educate” her sister on the fact that clouds are always white. Her sister, who is 3, disagreed. I think she’s going to be my little artist, honestly.

So this prompted a lesson on clouds and how even the white ones aren’t all white. See, I think that is why art and painting is such fun. We take the world at face value so often. Sky is blue. Grass is green. Clouds are white.

However, reality is so much more. Grass might be green, but there are so many shades of green! Olive, lime, kelly, emerald, peridot, etc. The you look at the shadows and realize the colors there are blues and purples, not black.

Clouds are water droplets and therefore, they are tiny prisms of color! They might look white at times, but they can easily be blue, orange, purple, pink, etc.

Take a moment today and look around. What colors do you “really” see when you look at the world?

Since I’m a tad behind and feel a bit like a “failure” because of it, I think I’ll leave you with a word from Tony Robbins:

“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying”

I feel a tad better. Though will be pushing myself to keep going!

Until Tomorrow!

Oh and before I forget, the painting “Blue Mountains” is up on eBay! It’s at a special price for only a week!! Don’t miss out! You can place your bid Here!


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