The Things we Dread


Yes, I know, how could I post a picture of a gorgeous horse like Nine Pieces of Eight and talk about dread? (Yes, the photo is mine!) I’m sure some might have been missing the art as of late. In some ways, I have been too.

The things we dread are often created in our own minds are they not? For me, this has been a huge artistic block. I intended my summer to be devoted to creating new pieces and getting the eBay auctions in motion again. I started out okay, but like all things, I hit a roadblock. For me, this was a roadblock of the mind, in that, I have had a really hard time focusing on just one idea.

See, I have this “issue” of having too many ideas. I know many people might find this to be “not a real” problem; however, it is extremely challenging to focus when you have too much going on in your mind at one point. Imagine trying to watch a movie with 100s of pop up messages appearing throughout the showing of the movie. It would be hard to capture the true story would it not?

One of my biggest challenges is focus. I get the shiny item syndrome and am easily distracted when something new and interesting comes along. Now, this doesn’t mean I can’t focus. Instead this means I focus intensely on one or two tasks for a time, leaving much of the rest to rot in the sun. Then, when I do get something complete, I am often at a loss of what to start next. There are so many things to do and so little time it seems. Everything wants my attention today and I hate putting neat, cool, interesting ideas off to tomorrow.Would they still be interesting then?

My focus over the winter and early spring this year was to build up a body of work to show at Equine Affaire in Ohio. I did succeed at that. The show revealed a lot about myself that I don’t think I would have encountered otherwise. One tidbit of information I learned was that my art is not “lacking”. Which is encouraging. However, where do I go from here? And this is where my question hit a wall. Where do you go from here? What is the next step? What can I do to continue growing and exploring to further my artistic journey? What stories do I want to tell?

The break was a necessary one, I believe. I’m not completely sure where I am going from here, but I do know it is time to get back into the saddle. My fingers are itching to create something. Maybe we’ll start with Nine Pieces of Eight and see what becomes of it!


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