“Happy New Year”

nordwood-themes-1066398-unsplashPhoto by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

New year, new you. At least that is what is supposed to happen right?

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with New Year’s. I hate the idea of resolutions because most of us don’t stick with them. We have great ideas and want to do this or that, but rarely do we actually follow through for more than a few days. This is one reason why, even though I want to lose the weight and want to start “new”, I rarely make a resolution for New Year’s.

On the other hand, I do love a fresh start and having a whole year ahead of me to achieve my goals. I like having a starting point and a moment in time that forces me to say “okay, this is the day we start!”. You know, new year, new you!

So where are we going this year? What are the goals for Nicolae-Art this year? Something different than last year I hope. Reflecting on 2018, I started the year off hopeful. I had some high expectations and hit a wall, creatively. I tried a few challenges to get me going, but unfortunately, life got in the way a few times and a creative block really derailed completion of those. Looking back, I believe the rut I found myself in was built by relying too much on needing inspiration from others.

See, there is a point in an artist’s life where the art becomes less about mastering the skills and more about creating for a purpose. Now, I’m no where near done mastering skills! I still have a ton left to learn. However, I am at that point where my purpose and vision needs to be driving me to create.

One of my favorite artists (though many do not consider him a “real” artist), is Bob Ross. Yes, that crazy haired guy with the soothing voice that showed the world how to paint on PBS. I love watching him create paintings from just a blank canvas. When asked why he paints he said that he loves to create these happy places where the world is “right” and not shadowed by all the death, destruction and mayhem. He was a soldier and used art to create a world without wars. I love that idea.

I’ve been struggling with my purpose for years. As an artist, do you use your art to bring light to the ugly side of the world? Do you spotlight the dark recesses of humanity? I know many artists did and do just that. However, I get enough of that through social media. Today we are bombarded by news and awareness of issues. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think this is a bad thing! We should be paying attention to the realities of life and forcing situations, within our control, to change for the good. We should be taking note of the atrocities committed around us and often in our names.

Nevertheless, I think we also need a place of solstice. We need a place where our souls can rest and rejuvenate from fighting the corrupt and evil movements in this world. I want to create those places. Henry David Thoreau had a little cottage on a lake that he secluded himself to. Oh, to have our own little cottages and peaceful lakes so that we could rejuvenate our souls…..but with horses!! Yea, my cottage would have to have at least one horse!

So, this year, my goals are to give life to some of my ideas. I wish to create from my imagination a bit more and rely less on the inspiration of others. I wish to create places and people, that may or may not be “real”. I want to share places of peace and solstice for those of us that are weary of fighting. I don’t want to stop the fighting (for much of it is for a good and righteous reason), but I do want to help us remain in a healthy balance so we all feel less drained!

Here is to a New Year full of possibilities!!


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